Death & Taxes: A Complete Role-Playing Box Set Adventure

Created by Lesser Gnome

Help fill an old-school inspired box to bursting with books, miniatures & more! Become a part of the journey! OSR & Pathfinder Versions

Raised in Kickstarter
$20,773.00 / 158 backers
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$1,298.90 / 148 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: December 2015

Box Sets & Adventures

Uploads 2f77bdb882438e3f90cdd4042c4427bdb4 2fretail 20box legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Retail Box Set
3 booklets, two figurines, a regional poster map plus the stretch goals explicitly mentioning the... more »
Uploads 2f0efc9d834a47d95e17384ad0547aab2f 2fboxsmwith 20extras legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Big Package Box Set
Thop’s Big Package – Want more game? Get it here! A Deluxe Box Set that includes the majority of ... more »
Uploads 2f5861f7fe56189d506db939805e96a98c 2fdt 20retro 20cover 20promo legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Retro Module
Designed for those who think change is for suckers. The adventure portions of Death & Taxes w... more »
Uploads 2f61bcb34196e1d5166ed7240cdd4e939b 2fart sample3 20color 20change legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Hardcover Compendium
Like books more than boxes? Better yet, do you like books with your box? This all in one hardcove... more »
Uploads 2f8fdda2b66c7fb84d77ba631beaba50bf 2fce4 legacy square thumb
Whisper & Venom Collector's Edition Box Set
The Bugatti of box sets. You can choose yours for either Pathfinder or OSR. Seven left, get them ... more »
Uploads 2f74decec034becc5a2c2d95fd2cfc2dd1 2flizard box cover pathfinder teaser legacy square thumb
Whisper & Venom Pathfinder Bundle
Pathfinder Whisper & Venom Softcover with Softcover Setting Guide.
Uploads 2fab205f05d28aa58a0abe83ce7ecd2978 2fcompendium 20cover 20primary 20image 20 small  legacy square thumb
Whisper & Venom Compendium Hardcover
If you missed the first Kickstarter you can stop being sorry. Old-School only.
Uploads 2ff527efb585360583f42818a7bb255c6a 2fthe 20first 20sentinel 20retro 20cover small  legacy square thumb
First Sentinel Limited Edition
Old-school style for a modern adventure. Go back to the Whisper Vale to uncover deadly secrets. I... more »
Uploads 2f21e96d91c1772138fa69c6c9ed80f08a 2fboafcoverpdf legacy square thumb
Bird of a Feather
Sold out of the first one fast! Bird of a Feather is now in its second printing. Printed in a mod... more »

Figurines - Death & Taxes

Uploads 2f4eafa79388d5b17b5bb63f91b7aeb50c 2fminismenui less 20text 24hours legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Miniatures Bundle
All the 28mm figurines from Death & Taxes except the huge add-on figurines. These are include... more »
Uploads 2fc82769983f6e6778bd22107523e7473c 2f10811746 10152786619915783 2123325244 n legacy square thumb
Hydra Figurine
Hydra figurine sits serenely the Auctor's doorstep.
Uploads 2f121964e34053e62bfb194cb872b51012 2ffountain 20rough2 3 legacy square thumb
Hydra Fountain Kit
Serene fountain of death.
Uploads 2ff745dc276cf0815714e90c7b5521fa78 2fauditorfunded legacy square thumb
The Auditor
What could be worse than an audit? An audit from this handsome fellow. He can't count but he can ... more »
Uploads 2f906b71ce3d9262a867ed679d1a507e46 2farchivist3 legacy square thumb
Archivist Figurine
That may not be a romance novel she is carrying. The book is spellbinding though.
Uploads 2fcdfe8711ef6dcc4dabada8e4e5c461db 2fharpy 20with 20wings stretch legacy square thumb
Guardian Harpy
Fashionable wings of death.
Uploads 2ff674cb99672d9cce8e68741e7df086dc 2fsiren5 legacy square thumb
Siren Figurine
Enrapturing guardian with a song of death. Grammy nominated pop sensation.
Uploads 2f517a75550c5fed3732a0db075165eacf 2fslyph legacy square thumb
Aerial (and rather fetching) guardian of the Auctor.
Uploads 2fcd46e626abb436b4b8773ba1ee664fd4 2fwp 20141027 20 30 07 raw legacy square thumb
Taxes are inevitable. So is death. To save the players' time Lesser Gnome thoughtfully shorten th... more »
Uploads 2f4ed6722153cbc8284a34e3b9243bfbc3 2fnogrodmini legacy square thumb
Nogrod Figurine
The Notorious N.O.G.
Uploads 2f03632944319fd06b1cfabd0a53281abd 2fgnome naturalhabitat legacy square thumb
The Original Gnome that started it all. He comes with all the box set orders, but who needs just ... more »
Uploads 2f4faaa0bdfae7e0749751175207137465 2f3knight legacy square thumb
Death? Dark? Black? White? Noble? Yep.
Uploads 2f761fe9f8708298c99a86ba050a6eed6a 2f10884650 10152887897630783 1907033280 n legacy square thumb
Byrgh Figurine
Slow and delicious, the byrgh leads a life of lassitude. It also puts things on its back to pass ... more »
Uploads 2fbf4f3e004bcbba82675f0ee2ecc4a564 2fgnoll2 legacy square thumb
Pack of Gnolls
Sometimes foaming at the mouth is just a sign of attitude. Includes 4 Gnolls.
Uploads 2fca4e7dfb7cdc761f286429af8f8972f4 2fgnollfoplogo legacy square thumb
Monsieur Mange
It is not a real salon until he arrives and says, "Oui".
Uploads 2f5ec6b091f6123d82db59f94d95718612 2flizard legacy square thumb
Torlings (9 pack)
Swarm of reptilian monsters. Life of every party.
Uploads 2fadc755c39e4818380a726d55e6751185 2fwp 20141027 20 30 20 raw legacy square thumb
Death. Conveniently located near taxes.
Uploads 2ff6a5edebb604717dfeaa451547d72d2a 2ftaxman4 legacy square thumb
Taxman figure.
The worst kind of visitor is heralded by the footsteps of inevitability.
Uploads 2f2ac6c630ddc1d51e591672501526c348 2fcontest small2 legacy square thumb
The Herald
With a loud blaring of his horn The Herald announces red carpet arrivals and tavern last calls.
No image
Chessex Small Figurine Case
Keep your new figurines fancy.

Figurines - Whisper & Venom

Uploads 2f73c960b567d46f6a7566afd5d89122ec 2fwp 20141011 15 58 05 raw legacy square thumb
Goblin Complete Gang
Whisper & Venom's L'uort goblin tribe. Ready for action in any adventure. Get all 10 for $12
Uploads 2f84cafc4d658fe08a0ce8baf3fdcf192f 2fbroodsource 20profilesmall legacy square thumb
Attoral Broodsource
Whisper & Venom's unhappy couple living in caverns deep.
Uploads 2f0ca8bb7fac04b8dd691f87ec6ba09e32 2fattoralpair legacy square thumb
Adult Attoral
Six legs, lightning quick and flaunting solid dance moves. Includes both variants of one groovy a... more »
Uploads 2f9629eace1e9447e96f4c087d16ba30d9 2fcave 20toad legacy square thumb
Cave Toad
Whisper & Venom's denizen of the underground lake. No frog he.
Uploads 2f5433ac5e98dbcaa459f86e5160347f61 2fleaping 202 legacy square thumb
Gauntswept Scavengers
Whisper & Venom's 'domesticated' reptilian guardian beasts of the L'uort Clan. Both models sc... more »
Uploads 2f2f8a258e78596fd7b0e24f0d9e744c6b 2fmonster 20beetle legacy square thumb
Monster Beetle
Whisper & Venoms's nasty carrion insect that inhabits caves, ruins and other lonely garbage-f... more »
Uploads 2f96670464912bc125e564332733146238 2fmurkbeast legacy square thumb
Inhabiting marshes and pools, the lurking murkbeast drains blood and attacks unwary prey near the... more »
Uploads 2f63c806895145f15d511fd5c2d46a8e5c 2fdruid 20 26 20bear 202 legacy square thumb
Mistress of the Grove & Bear
Whisper & Venom's druid protector of the woodland and her loyal (and ferocious) companion. To... more »
Uploads 2ff4d7d852a76f8542702fb6754189f09f 2fnexid 20slaves legacy square thumb
Nexid Slaves
Imp-like demons who are the slaves' scouts and messengers of the Nexid Demons. Two are included w... more »
Uploads 2f58aa22b41f103fc704aaf6a4d8a1497c 2frestless 20pair legacy square thumb
Restless are the first stage of Whisper & Venom's cycle of undeath. Two unique sculpts by Nic... more »
Uploads 2f04a95efa3f1b54ab47b4cc5e97ea3f60 2frhacos legacy square thumb
Rhacos Figurine
The Bird of a Feather. Fears nothing except Mrs. Bird of a Feather.

Goblin Art

Uploads 2f0caea7ab5a9117e9fc6d369c606dc421 2f1000112 10151576225487157 1661209773 n legacy square thumb
Lloyd Metcalf Commission
You see how difficult he is to work with when he is in one of his moods. :)

Hip Gnome Haute Couture

Uploads 2f11e6d6507cd8f3ba0329b992696aa26e 2fthopasgirl legacy square thumb
Haute Couture T-Shirt
Nothing exudes class or broadcasts your hip lifestyle like gnome apparel. Perfect for weddings, c... more »
Uploads 2f5d21517afec54fe7d28c8842c8927120 2fjimwampler legacy square thumb
Haute Hat
Let everyone know which gang you roll with the hottest in head haute couture the Lesser Gnome hat... more »
Uploads 2fb7eec756b3184f0f59d25f60723f8eeb 2fshower legacy square thumb
Thopas Shower Curtain
Shower comfortably knowing you are by Thopas. Plastic shower curtain makes... more »

Maps, Dice & other extras

Uploads 2f0639b9f7d1fcc3f03392e4f2a69ae3bf 2fregional 202 20small 20 for 20review  legacy square thumb
42" x 32" Death & Taxes Wall Map
The gallery-worthy and frame-ready map created by Alyssa Faden for Death & Taxes! Rolled up a... more »
Uploads 2f3ca99de09a5a35d43823474ba74c2125 2fcanvas 20backing legacy square thumb
Death & Taxes Canvas Map Upgrade
Get your giant map in canvas instead.
Uploads 2faa9745f548fb8aed634fb3c6b46e925b 2fregional 202 20 for 20review  legacy square thumb
18" x 24" Death & Taxes Regional Map
Extra folded regional map from Death & Taxes. A map is already included with all versions of ... more »
Uploads 2f8b56e38f4453f81c25f0a3898839b227 2fattoralnest3x4 300dpi legacy square thumb
Encounter Cards
Death & Taxes - Cards with Lloyd Metcalf Art and High Quality Stats. Look out MTG!!
Uploads 2fd77aab33dabd76a62013fc0b864a5f27 2fcard preview e1404173782710 legacy square thumb
Whisper & Venom Monster Card Set
Set of Monster Cards from Whisper & Venom. Available as generic or with old-school stats.
1069103 601323073232604 1470795345 n legacy square thumb
Whisper & Venom 42 x 30 Regional Map
Beautiful Hand-drawn map of the region around the Whisper Vale by Alyssa Faden. This comes printe... more »
1069103 601323073232604 1470795345 n legacy square thumb
18 x 24 Folded Map
Folded 18 x 24 Regional Map by Alyssa Faden on 36 lb presentation paper.
Uploads 2f1e784925f12f72af81e6a3412148cef9 2fchessex 20custom legacy square thumb
Custom Gnome Dice Pair (1 each d6, d10)
Armed with dice like these you will not fear. Foes, traps and saves guaranteed to be generated by... more »
Uploads 2fe2317cde8c43bef0e9a6052f73779e40 2f41aylye9oul legacy square thumb
Signature Chessex Dice
Signature Chessex Dice. Email Zach if you would like a specific color.
Llord legacy square thumb
Labyrinth Lord Core Rules
Softcover copy of Labyrinth Lord Core Rulebook by Goblinoid Games. This is included at the $95 an... more »

Thopas' Wisdom

Uploads 2f9c3b96bf09d55861a2df3debdcf5b6bd 2fpostoffice legacy square thumb
Post Card - Thanks from Thopas
Rant about gaming and/geek topic by Thopas himself! Option available for NSFW rant about anything... more »
Uploads 2f18a6f9493a24bab9e45350b5f7e3b9fb 2fpostoffice legacy square thumb
Thopas' Wisdom - Postcard
Need advice from someone full of vice? Lead life to its fullest with wisdom from Thopas!

Learn About Our Project:

Funded!! Pathfinder Version Unlocked!!!

Scroll Down for Unlocked Stretch Goal Rewards.

Introducing Death & Taxes


Death & Taxes is Lesser Gnome's follow-up box set to Whisper & Venom. It was nominated for an ENnie, for those of you who are into that sort of thing. Twice!*

Death & Taxes is an adventure for 4-7 players using characters level 4-6. Although designed for classic rules, the ultimate goal is to create total conversions of the game for popular modern systems. Once the goals for project funding and the backer surpass the initial stretch goal targets all options are on the table, As backers, you will have a seat at that table to decide which one will happen first! Look for the results to be revealed in our Stretch Goals section as the campaign progresses. The Gnomes are ready start to translating Death & Taxes into Pathfinder/OGL and (we hope) fifth edition compatible versions.

The Premise

South of the Whisper Vale lies a land of gentle slopes with forests and greenswards. Small townships have sprouted alongside decayed municipalities. The area’s sparse populations are independent and self-reliant. Sporadic trade and a dim memory of avaricious rulers connect them.

The Auctor

On a gentle hillside sits an imposing stronghold known as The Auctor. It has remained empty and eerily pristine since the last noble family fled south. Its majestic rooms and corridors are shrouded in fear. Living memory recalls a time when the happy glow in its upper galleries was a thin façade to its real function.

An haute-coiffed tax collector arrives with his retinue of hairdressers, auditors of unusual size, a mason and a pack of gnolls. The collector carries important documents asserting his authority to tax the region. His orders are simple: Reclaim the Auctor and squeeze.

Mobs will form, tempers will flare, old scores will be settled and pounds of flesh will be exacted.

Welcome to the season of Death & Taxes.

Who is Lesser Gnome? Why should you trust them?

After having successfully completed Whisper & Venom's Kickstarter Project on schedule Lesser Gnome is jazzed to do it all over again. Death & Taxes can exceed the backer rewards seen in Whisper & Venom, provided the final pledge amount exceeds the projected expenses.

After living and breathing Whisper & Venom for 18 months we've learned a little something about projected expenses.

As always, our focus remains on the highest quality writing, professional design and the talents of the best freelancers available. No need to take our words on the matter. This link will lead you accolades, testimonials and even a sharp critique of a choice we made in design.

Still hesitant and want to be more sure of our releases? We have provided PDF downloads that allow you to examine our work. These are available for both OSR type games and Pathfinder- here is a link.

What’s Included?

If the project funds the box set for Death & Taxes includes:

  • 2 Game Books (Setting Guide & the Death & Taxes Adventure Book)
  • A color poster map by Alyssa Faden
  • Tax Collector & Goblin Herald 28 mm Miniatures and...

A potential plethora of planned stretch goals™ They say a picture is worth a thousand words :

Our first kickstarter project from funding goal to finish line.
Our first kickstarter project from funding goal to finish line.

Backer Levels

Although the Death & Taxes Kickstarter is designed around the boxed set, Lesser Gnome has provided (to maximize your self-actualization) many back levels. Pledges start at just $1!!!


Shipping & handling: Shipping charges will be invoiced at the end of the Kickstarter. Only the shipping cost will be invoiced. Transparency is important to us. We have opted to charge separately for shipping as part of our effort to provide individual backers with the best value. Every package WILL have the final postage fee printed on the label for verification. A tracking number will be provided when the reward ships. Estimated shipping costs are exactly that- estimates. The final weight of product is undetermined but most rewards are expected to weigh less than 5 lbs.

United States

Rewards for US supporters will be shipped via the least expensive parcel shipping available. The expected shipping for the majority of orders are described below: All Box-sets fit in USPS Medium Flat Rate Shipping Boxes (est. $12). Shipping on all US orders will not exceed the USPS Medium Flat-Rate box rate. In other words, pledge your heart out, we’ll make up the difference.


International orders will be invoiced at actual postage cost. International postage requires customs forms. We are required by law to disclose the pledge amount on these forms. If you are unsure how expensive international shipping can be, please ask us for an estimate.

EXCEPTION- Backers worldwide can pledge for Death & Taxes: Compendium Hardcovers ($40 Bibliophile reward tier or as an add-on) and opt to have their books printed in the United Kingdom, France or Australia. A significant portion of standard shipping and customs fees are saved when using this option. Backers in neighboring countries can also save money (New Zealand is one of these). Contact Lesser Gnome for an estimate.

Backer Pledge Levels

$1 Well-Wisher - Watch the fun, read the updates and then realize you want to upgrade your pledge to a reward tier. 

$5 Postal Gnome - Get a handwritten note/personalized rant from Thopas. Choose the topic or ask for advice from a gnome whose lifestyle choices are best avoided. Can be added on for $5.

$15 Digital Gnome - PDF Copy of Death & Taxes for any ONE of the unlocked rule systems of your choice. Release Dates are staggered for each system following initial release. See FAQ.

$30 Retro Gnome Redux - Death & Taxes the way it would have been for those who aren’t that into things now. Death & Taxes printed and laid out in the classic style. OSR Only.  

$35 Cartography Snob – Who needs curtains when you’ve got a regional color poster map from world-renowned cartographer, Alyssa Faden? This behemoth measures a ridiculous (AT LEAST) 36” x 24” and comes lovingly packed in a heavy cardboard tube. We’ll also throw in an 18” x 24" folded poster map.

$40 Bibliophile – Get the hardcover, Death & Taxes: Compendium. Adds class to any bookshelf, nightstand or bathroom. Includes 18” x 24” map packet. (Note:  Fulfillment date dependent on system choice and availability FAQ).  

$40 Heavy Metal – Get just the metal (and resin) from Thop's Big Package ($70 level). Includes man-sized and smaller miniature stretch goals (huge figurines not included). The Mini Pack can be added on to existing pledges to swell the ranks of your 28mm army.

$50 Death & Taxes Retail Box Set – 2 booklets, the basic miniature set (2 Figurines) and a poster map

$70 Thop’s Big Package – Want more game? Get it here! A Deluxe Box Set that includes the Retail Box set & the majority of and-ons at no charge once they are unlocked (huge sized minis and very expensive luxury upgrades not included). See system choice FAQ.

$150 Retailer Set – Crush your competition with Lesser Gnome! Includes 2 Retail Boxed Sets (your of systems), 3 Hardcovers, 1 Retro Module and a complete set of figurines attractively packaged for your store. Must verify store ownership to qualify, contact us if you have any questions.

$175 Character Counts- Narcissus has nothing on you! You get Thop’s Big Package, all the stretch goals (including huge minis) and achieve minor notoriety. Have a setting-appropriate character written into the story as an NPC. Or, name a landmark, magic item or arcane spell (specifics chosen by you but subject to loose guidelines). Pledge money for FRPG fame, commensurate with your ego. Pay your way into literary and artistic immortality! Make visitors bask in the glow of a Lloyd Metcalf™ original that celebrates you. One quality article of Lesser Gnome Apparel chosen by Thopas for you. 

$200 Sine Qua Nog - Thop’s Big Package, all stretch goals, add-ons and all but the most bacchanalian upgrades. Includes a select piece of fashionable gnome apparel. Includes any ONE of the following: Hardcover (Death & Taxes: Compendium), Retro module or the full “Cartography Snob” reward level. Plus an extra Mini Pack from the $40 level. The cards are vague but they suggest more will be forthcoming.

$275 Thopas Maximus – The $200 pledge level without the annoying decision-making. Get all three four quality options (Retro module, Hardcover, Mini Pack and Wall Map). Includes fashionable items of clothing emblazoned with tasteful gnome flair that are perfect for any occasion. Your favorite divination technique also suggests that more will be revealed as the project progresses. 

$350 Gnome Time Machine - Miss the Kickstarter for Whisper & Venom by happenstance? Wish you hadn't? Need closure? Easy to do by making a pledge to the Gnome Time Machine Tier. Thopas Maximus level plus one of the few remaining Whisper & Venom Collector’s Edition Sets that contain the fruits of a Kickstarter past. This Tarrasque-choking reward level will make lesser nerds tremble and parcel delivery professionals apoplectic. 

$1200 - All of it and the signature painting from Lloyd Metcalf as well. Not one book, accessory, map or tchotchke will escape your master collection. See FAQ for details.

Let’s choke the Tarrasque!

$8,000 - Funded!! UNLOCKED
Extra Thopas Figurine added to every level $40 and up.
$9,000 - Dice, Dice Baby! - UNLOCKED
No box is complete without dice… Lucky for you, they will be included in every box set once we reach $9,000. 

$10,000 - Premium Paper -  UNLOCKED
Quality writing looks even better on top-shelf paper. Watch in awe as the words spring at you from the page. Be mesmerized by rich shades and colors. Best of all, it’s heavy!

$10, 750 - Get Audited - UNLOCKED
The Auditor is unleashed. The first huge figurine with a big weapon and a penchant for beating up tax cheats (amongst others). Free with all packages $150 and up. Available as an add-on for $15.

$11,000 - Tokens and Maps for Online Games - UNLOCKED
All rewards $15 and up will receive digital maps and tokens for virtual tabletop play (think Roll20).

$11,750 - UNLOCKED Hydra Unleashed!! Hydra miniature can added on for $20 making it less than $5 per head. Free with all packages $150 and up.

$12,000 - Winged Harridan UNLOCKED
This temptress flies into the Kickstarter, thanks in large part to Thopas, at $12,000. This add-on is included in Thop’s Big Package ($70) and up. Also included in the Heavy Metal Figurine Reward ($40) . Available to all backers for $10. Get two!!

$12,500 - Monster Cards with stats and attractive art! UNLOCKED

$13,500 - Siren figurine enters stage left UNLOCKED

$13,500 - Pathfinder Conversion UNLOCKED

$13,750 - Byrgh figurine crawls it way into $40 mini sets and all reward levels $70 and up UNLOCKED

$14,000 - Sylph Figurine flits into the $40 mini sets and all reward levels $70 and up.UNLOCKED

$14,250 - Custom d6 with handsome gnome profile on the six face added to all box sets $70+ UNLOCKED

$14,500 - The Archivist gates in to the $40 mini sets and all reward levels $70 and up. UNLOCKED

$14,750 - Custom d10 with another gnomes handsome profile on the 10 face to all box sets $70+ UNLOCKED

110 Total Backers - Free Bird of a Feather PDF for everyone with a pledge tier $15+ UNLOCKED

$15,000 Fear the Ungnome....Nogrod figurine unlocked for all pledge tiers $40+ UNLOCKED

$15,750 Torling warren guards swarm in. Three of them!! UNLOCKED

$16,000 GM map reference booklets added to all boxed sets

$16,250 Everyone gets a PDF of every version. Needless decision making eliminated.  

$16,500 Signature Dice Upgrade (Deluxe Box & Up) and Dice Bags (All Boxes)

$16,750 For whom the bell gnolls (first custom gnoll figurine) UNLOCKED

$17,250 For whom the bell gnolls, part deux (second custom gnoll figurine) UNLOCKED

$17,500 Fifth Edition Conversion* Option UNLOCKED

$17,750 Second Pack of three Torlings join the swarm.   UNLOCKED

$18,000 Hydra Fountain Terrain Set Added to sets $200+; add-on for all other pledge levels for $30. UNLOCKED

$18,250 Retro module will get an inner folio (like G123 or Q1 from back in the day)  UNLOCKED

$18,500 Gnoll end in site- 3rd Gnoll added to the pack  UNLOCKED

$19,000 Torling Pack completed (3 small figurines) UNLOCKED

$19,500 Gnoll 4 is coming to mess things up  

$20,000 Gamemasters book. The appendices, maps and GM notes from the adventure book will become their own published booklet similar to the setting guide (all boxed sets)

Maybe coming soon...More minis, extra content...have options, all we need is funding...

24 Potential figurines remain plus content upgrades, extra map booklets and sourcebooks; all of these are just awaiting funding!!!


This is just the beginning! After we surpass the $12,000 mark, additional content, miniatures (ten are already in production), versions and much, much more! 

Pathfinder fans! A Pathfinder Total Conversion will be unlocked at $13,500. We hired a professional to handle this for Whisper & Venom and it was great!

Fans of even newer systems! We are looking carefully at making a fifth edition version. More information will be forthcoming. UNLOCKED

Common Add-ons

  • Retro-Module $30
  • Wall Map $30-Rolled Up & Shipped in a Tube (Shipping Included for US Backers, International backers please contact me)
  • Death & Taxes Extra Box Set $50 (retail version)
  • Death & Taxes Compendium $40
  • Whisper & Venom Compendium (OSR) $30
  • Whisper & Venom Softcover (Pathfinder) $25
  • Extra Deluxe Miniature Pack $40
  • Plastic & Foam Miniature Case (Chessex) - $15
  • Quality Gnome Hat $18
  • Attractive Gnome T-Shirt  $20

Huge Figurines

  • The Auditor - $15
  • The Hydra- $20
  • Hydra fountain
    Unlocked Figurine Extras-
    NOTE: These are included in the most popular pledge rewards. Extras of everything are always nice. Stylish too!
  • Taxman- $8
  • Goblin Herald- $4
  • Thopas $2
  • Hryggan- $10
  • Harpy- $10
  • Swordsman- $8
  • Siren $8
  • Sylph $8
  • Byrgh $6
  • Torling Pack $10
  • Nogrod $5
  • More to be unlocked as funding dictates.

    Existing figurines from our store are also deeply discounted when purchased as add-ons. See update nine for more details.

    *Best Production Values and Best Miniatures Product. We didn’t win.